Am I still a “gamer”?

I’ve been sat here for hours thinking about what I want to write. About why I want to write. How can I write about gaming when I haven’t been gaming? Am I still up to date? Do I even like gaming anymore?

Life takes all manner of turns. It’s easy to let things fall by the wayside as something more important in the moment comes along or a looming fear hangs over your every thought. You forget things, your priorities move about and life goes on.

For me, gaming has been that forgotten aspect of my life recently. I’ve barely played a few hours of anything in weeks and, to be honest, I’ve not really missed it. Gaming has been such a central part of my life as long as I can remember and it’s truly unsettling to think on it and unpack why it’s happened. Continue reading “Am I still a “gamer”?”


Bad Controls, Bad Game?

One of my first console games as a child was a little-known game from Rare called Banjo-Kazooie, it was also one of the first of many games that I have never finished. When I dove back into it recently I began to remember why I never beat it – it’s really, horribly difficult!

Was it the strength of the enemies? Not even close. Difficulty of the puzzles? They were child’s play (literally). Whenever I found myself messing up a challenge or getting beaten by a grunt, it was because I’d fumbled the controls and mis-stepped. The awkward camera and early platforming design meant that navigation was far harder than we are accustomed to nowadays. Thus I began to wonder – should I persevere and see this as part of the inherent challenge of the game, or should I be angry and brand it a bad game due to poor controls, and stop playing?

The truth is likely somewhere in the middle. Continue reading “Bad Controls, Bad Game?”

Novus’ Top Games of 2018

Last year saw some very important games for a lot of people, including us here at Novus. Whether it was a big hit of the year, a small indie launch not many people were aware of or even an older game we just discovered, each of us has something that will go down as #1 from 2018. As we see in the first few big releases of 2019, we’re taking a look back at our personally significant games of last year. Continue reading “Novus’ Top Games of 2018”

Squad Up.

When I started up Novus, the goals were simple – write about what I love, develop my skills and share it with the world. Even though it’s only been a couple of months, I’ve had a great time and already learned so much launching my own site. But, something was missing.

Teamwork. Running your own gig alone has it’s pluses, but so does working as a team. I missed working in a team. I missed building something special with others. I missed the journey you experience together. That’s why as of today, Novus Gaming is now a team effort, and one I’m very excited to be a part of. Continue reading “Squad Up.”

How to Get the Most Out of Your First Gaming Convention

Gaming conventions while very exciting can be terribly daunting, especially for your first time. With dozens of conventions worldwide housing hundreds of video games, thousands of attendees and only a few days to cover it all, it can be hard to know what you should be doing with your time on the show floor.

After a few years of attending conventions you begin to learn a few simple tricks and truths that will help you make the most of every show. From time management to reality checks, there’s more to these events than meets the eye. Here are a handful of tips and some advice which I’ve put together mostly from my own mistakes and experiences… Continue reading “How to Get the Most Out of Your First Gaming Convention”

Capcom’s Story of Sales vs Ratings and Why It’s So Important

I’ll be the first to tell you that the game industry is ultimately about sales and profit, and that it always has to boil down to the business side of affairs. No matter what the conversation is, whether it be the change in direction for a beloved series, the philosophy behind DLC production or the design of a new console, it always has to be about making money.

That’s not exactly a bad thing, despite the connotations. You can have a good studio culture and still have your eyes on those sales figures. In an increasingly entitled world, it’s a common expectation for development studios to do exactly what the fans want, when the fans want, as if they were a charity for the good of the gaming community rather than a business. The fact is that to continue producing the games we love, the studios have to turn a profit, and it’s very easy for fans to lose sight of that.

So what happens when a game performs well but is poorly received by its core audience?

Continue reading “Capcom’s Story of Sales vs Ratings and Why It’s So Important”

Do eSports Belong on Mainstream Sports TV?

20 years ago, competitive gaming for many was trying to beat that one other high score on Space Invaders in your local arcade or tense Quake LAN parties with your mates. Today, competitive gaming is a booming industry valued at nearly $1bn by the end of this year, and set to nearly double that by 2021.

With the rise of technology and growth of video gaming as a whole, this statistic is no surprise. We’ve all watched as games went from coin-fed arcade cabinets to 100+ hour RPGs being played on a Nintendo Switch on a plane, but this has been a gradual and well-anticipated progression. What wasn’t anticipated by many, especially those less familiar with gaming, was the rise in broadcast eSports tournaments, capped off most recently with this weekend’s Overwatch League Grand Finals on prime-time ESPN. Continue reading “Do eSports Belong on Mainstream Sports TV?”