Squad Up.

When I started up Novus, the goals were simple – write about what I love, develop my skills and share it with the world. Even though it’s only been a couple of months, I’ve had a great time and already learned so much launching my own site. But, something was missing.

Teamwork. Running your own gig alone has it’s pluses, but so does working as a team. I missed working in a team. I missed building something special with others. I missed the journey you experience together. That’s why as of today, Novus Gaming is now a team effort, and one I’m very excited to be a part of.

Joining me are a number of fantastic people and talented writers who I have worked with and known for years over on Ready Up Live (now ReadyUp). Josh, Mat, Carr, Mark, and Dustin will all be gracing Novus with an array of personal, honest and quality content posts across all aspects of gaming.

Behind the scenes, our team will be working as a single unit – our decisions made as a team, our ideas discussed as a team, our direction taken wherever the team feels is right. With such an equally-“owned” structure, I hope that our combined qualities and values will help build something truly special that you will all enjoy and support us with.

That’s all for now – be sure to head to our “The Team” page for a bit of background on us all if you don’t know us already, and please join me in welcoming everyone on-board!

– Ty


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