Victoria 3 (late) review

Since Victoria 3 has been out for over half a year now, gone through three major updates, and gotten a DLC, I think it’s about time I finally did a review. We’ve also recently passed Victoria Day here in Canada, which isn’t really relevant to the review, but kind made me get my butt in order. Before we start I’ll say that this will be a short review, and more a simple game explanation, because the game came out October 25, and there are a lot of better reviews out there, especially since this is the first time I’ve played the series and am fumbling around with it a bit. I’ll also be reviewing the game as it was in version 1.2 (when I last played), even though 1.3 was recently released. So, some things may not be of full relevance.

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An old strategy world, a new direction for 4X

Old World first came out a year ago, exactly a year ago if you’re reading this on the date of publication (July 1). I’d heard of it when it was in development, but pretty quickly forgot about it, as did I think a lot of people (at least amongst the YouTubers I follow), since I didn’t see much of it after that. However, after a while only being on the Epic Games store, it was released on Steam, and I re-learned of it through Unstable Voltage, a YouTuber who plays mostly strategy games, especially Civilization (you can watch his “learning playthrough” here). And man, am I sorry I took so long to start it.

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Civ VI: Gathering Storm Quick Review

‘Member when I said I was going to try getting my review for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm out within a week or two of launch? Yeah, that…obviously didn’t happen. Going back to the “I can play Civ VI for three or four games and then I get turned off it for a while” thing I’ve mentioned before, my latest turn off partway through my first Gathering Storm game. I haven’t played in over two months, and as such, I don’t feel super confident in doing a full-fledged review. I do want to (finally) get it out and get on to new business though, so I’m going to play a little bit and get out a quicker review than I’d normally do. Continue reading “Civ VI: Gathering Storm Quick Review”