About Novus

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Tyler and I’m a lifelong gamer from the (often not so sunny) Channel Islands just off the coast of France.


We’re here, by the way, just in case your map doesn’t show us like every map ever

I’ve been producing a range of video game content for several years, and Novus Gaming is the new home of my personal musings on all things gaming. Expect to find everything from opinion pieces on the state of modern game development to spotlights on iconic titles both new and old.

My extensive games library has a bit of everything but you can often find me hunting zombies on the streets of Raccoon City or crushing the Covenant on the surface of Halo. My passion lies in story-driven single player games but I regularly jump into the online battleground of multiplayer shooters to remind myself how bad I am before retreating to the safety of story mode.


I also serve on a local committee who runs gaming tournaments for charity like this one last year

I’ve been playing games since I first touched a Sega Genesis as a young child, since when I have lived on a whole host of platforms including numerous Game Boys, my treasured (and still working) N64, PlayStation, Wii and my current home on Xbox One X.

Outside of gaming I work as a retail manager and fill any free time volunteering, exploring my beautiful island home, arguing with friends over which actor is the best James Bond (it’s Roger Moore, in case you were mistaken) and finding my next series to binge on Netflix.

Well, that just about covers it I think. Thank you for stopping by and reading about the life of a total stranger on the internet – I hope you enjoy my work!

Tyler Bourgaize