The Team

Tyler “Zerty” Bourgaize

Founder & Editor-In-Chief


Hey there! I’m Tyler, and I’m the Editor-In-Chief of Novus Gaming.

I’ve been producing a range of video game content for several years, and have been an avid gamer since I was able to hold a Game Boy. My games library has a bit of everything but you can often find me hunting zombies on the streets of Raccoon City or crushing the Covenant on the surface of Halo. My passion lies in story-driven single player games but I regularly jump into the online battleground of multiplayer shooters to remind myself how bad I am before retreating to the safety of story mode.

Outside of gaming I work as a retail manager and fill any free time volunteering,  arguing with friends over which actor is the best James Bond (it’s Roger Moore, in case you were mistaken) and finding my next series to binge on Netflix.

Dustin “Drax” Dailey


Hi there! My name is Dustin, but I’m known as “Drax” to my online family. I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember, even as far back as the original Nintendo. I’m a massive Halo fan somewhat known for my in-game screenshots, even being featured quite a few times. My passion for all things FPS will shine brightly here, but I have a love for all of gaming!

Carr “Foundation Afro” Nyuli


My name is Carr Nyuli, but people on the internet know me best as Foundation Afro. If you want someone to talk endlessly about historical strategy and simulation games until you want to punch them, I’m your guy. Outside of gaming, I like cycling, telling puns, (classic) Simpsons, anime, and just general nerdy stuff. If you ever want to chat, just buy me an espresso and you’ll have my attention (although I’ll probably just tell puns about strategy games and the Simpsons. Fairly warned be thee, says I.)

Mat “Mar” Olson


Hey! My name is Mat, but most people call me Mar. I’m hoping to hone my talents here as a writer to help provide honest, genuine reviews and with luck, maybe some fairly entertaining articles that everybody can enjoy. I’ve got a strong passion for music, games, anime, and I’m starting to dabble in streaming for fun. Feel free to throw me a message on any platform that you can find me!

Mark “Spook” Barry


Mark Barry is a writer, bearded gentleman, and an avid gaming enthusiast. He resides in New York, no – not the city, with his wife and daughter. He still regularly plays games of all genres but truly loves to dive into any immersive RPG experience he can find. Having written with a variety of publications on various topics over the years he hopes to now lend his passion and his pen to Novus in a meaningful way.