RimWorld console addition announced

RimWorld Console Edition was announced for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 29, and is set to release on July 29, 2022 with backwards compatibility for the newer consoles. The game will feature the first DLC, Royalty, with plans for more in the future. While it hasn’t been directly said that Ideology will be coming to consoles, developer Ludeon Studios has said that “we aim to bring more of the PC content over to the console edition in the future but need to evaluate the impact on the performance of already-released content before we commit to anything further.”

As a console game, RimWorld CE will unfortunately not support the mass amount of mods available in the PC version. However, Double Eleven, the developers working with Ludeon, have said that they “are keen on exploring…allowing for more customisation”. The information given by Ludeon on the future of the console edition is fairly vague, both for the DLCs (existing or future), and for modding. It does however sound as if any “mods” will be added to the base game by developers based on community feedback, presumably to the PC version as well.

Information on the console edition can be found in the FAQ of the game’s website, and “RimWorld Console” on Facebook and Twitter. Ludeon plans to update the website as more information comes out, but says that social media is the best way to stay up-to-date on the console edition. The game also features an extensive wiki that could be very helpful to new players starting out on console, however it should be noted that the wiki is kept up-to-date for the PC version, and may not be accurate for the console version. All the basics should be correct, however.

Do you play RimWorld on PC? Is it something you’ve wanted to check out, but are mainly a console gamer? Be sure to tell us in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter!


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