Firaxis Games announces Civilization 7

Fresh off the release of the Rulers of the Sahara leader pack, some even bigger news was revealed: Civilization 7 is coming. As for what we know about it, well…basically its (future) existence. We have no real idea of any new or returning gameplay features, or even leaders, beyond the ones that always appear in Civ games. With not even a release date announced, though, we can assume that it’s still a ways away. It’s also pretty safe to assume that no more new content will be coming out for Civilization 6, and that Firaxis will be devoting all of its time to the next game in the series.

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RimWorld console addition announced

RimWorld Console Edition was announced for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 29, and is set to release on July 29, 2022 with backwards compatibility for the newer consoles. The game will feature the first DLC, Royalty, with plans for more in the future. While it hasn’t been directly said that Ideology will be coming to consoles, developer Ludeon Studios has said that “we aim to bring more of the PC content over to the console edition in the future but need to evaluate the impact on the performance of already-released content before we commit to anything further.”

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Microsoft announces next-gen console

MIcrosoft’s next console, previously known as Project Scarlett, has been given a name: Xbox Series X. The new console has a tall, PC-like tower design, and looks to be fairly small. In an image of the console with a controller leaning against it, it appears to have a square top about controller-sized, and is a few controllers tall. While no launch date has been officially announced, we do know it will be coming out holiday 2020, so we can expect it within a year.

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