Victoria 3 (late) review

Since Victoria 3 has been out for over half a year now, gone through three major updates, and gotten a DLC, I think it’s about time I finally did a review. We’ve also recently passed Victoria Day here in Canada, which isn’t really relevant to the review, but kind made me get my butt in order. Before we start I’ll say that this will be a short review, and more a simple game explanation, because the game came out October 25, and there are a lot of better reviews out there, especially since this is the first time I’ve played the series and am fumbling around with it a bit. I’ll also be reviewing the game as it was in version 1.2 (when I last played), even though 1.3 was recently released. So, some things may not be of full relevance.

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Firaxis Games announces Civilization 7

Fresh off the release of the Rulers of the Sahara leader pack, some even bigger news was revealed: Civilization 7 is coming. As for what we know about it, well…basically its (future) existence. We have no real idea of any new or returning gameplay features, or even leaders, beyond the ones that always appear in Civ games. With not even a release date announced, though, we can assume that it’s still a ways away. It’s also pretty safe to assume that no more new content will be coming out for Civilization 6, and that Firaxis will be devoting all of its time to the next game in the series.

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Worry grows as Team Gunpowder sets its sights on homeland

After its recent conquering of the Haiboko Region, Elite Four teams around the world fear that Team Gunpowder will work to capture other Regions across the globe. Originally from the pok├ęslave organization Team Rocket, Gunpowder’s members fled the Kanto Region in late 1996, foreseeing Rocket’s coming collapse in the area.

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An old strategy world, a new direction for 4X

Old World first came out a year ago, exactly a year ago if you’re reading this on the date of publication (July 1). I’d heard of it when it was in development, but pretty quickly forgot about it, as did I think a lot of people (at least amongst the YouTubers I follow), since I didn’t see much of it after that. However, after a while only being on the Epic Games store, it was released on Steam, and I re-learned of it through Unstable Voltage, a YouTuber who plays mostly strategy games, especially Civilization (you can watch his “learning playthrough” here). And man, am I sorry I took so long to start it.

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RimWorld console addition announced

RimWorld Console Edition was announced for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 29, and is set to release on July 29, 2022 with backwards compatibility for the newer consoles. The game will feature the first DLC, Royalty, with plans for more in the future. While it hasn’t been directly said that Ideology will be coming to consoles, developer Ludeon Studios has said that “we aim to bring more of the PC content over to the console edition in the future but need to evaluate the impact on the performance of already-released content before we commit to anything further.”

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Gamer worried he might get re-addicted to shelved classic

After deciding to take a look at his top played games on Steam, gamer Peacea77 found one he hadn’t played in over half a decade on the list. Not only that, but it had been completely deleted from his computer. “I’d forgotten it existed, honestly,” said Peacea. “But there it is, number five, right under all the ones I play regularly. I haven’t touched it in six years, but it’s not getting surpassed.”

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City guards urge for safety after major snowfall

Over 30cm of snow fell on the city last night, thought to have been caused by the hatching of an ice dragon in Cold Cave. The city’s fire mages are hard at work to clear the streets, and most main roads are already open, and businesses and schools will be running as normal. However, a shortage of mana potions compared to previous years has significantly slowed the clearing of side streets as well as highways, making it harder to get potions in from other towns. City guards are reminding people of the dangers of teleportation in winter, and suggest that they not be used until spring.

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If you’re on the fence, just try it

I’ve owned the Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV for quite a while now. It came out in June of 2016, and I’m going to guess I bought it a year later during Paradox’s infamous summer sale. So let’s say four years. Aaaand I sucked. So I didn’t play it. And while I wanted to like it, I wasn’t really sure I did, mostly because I sucked. So until spring of 2021, I’d only put about eight hours in. Come about a month ago, I’d put about twelve hours in. In the past three weeks of starting this article, I’ve doubled that. Yeah, my crappy yearly average is still crappy, but damn that’s a pretty good increase.

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RimWorld update and expansion announced

More RimWorld is coming with version 1.3, which will add some major, free features to the game. The expansion was announced on July 4, and the beta is currently playable now by changing your game settings on Steam to allow of beta updates. Along with the free update, the paid expansion “Ideology” will also be coming out with the full release of 1.3.

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