Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass

Four years after the original announcement of the game, the developers of Civilization VI have announced new content for the game, coming on a monthly basis for the next year.

In addition for free content, which sounds mostly like game improvements,  there will also be paid content like new civilizations and leaders. We know we’ll be seeing the Mayans, who have been in every game since Civilization III, and Columbia, who’s new to Civ VI. Some new modes are being added, such as apocalypse mode, as well as more historical game types. We’ll also be seeing new units, buildings, and tile improvements.

Civ 6 comet

The Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass will give players content to all of the premium content over the next year. What will be free and what will be paid, however, remains to be seen. Some content and changes to the game may be unknown even to the developers at this time may even be coming out, with the devs saying they’ll be looking at how people are playing the game and make changes based on that. The level of this however, also remains to be seen.

All the (current) information we have on the Frontier Pass and the year of changes can be found on the announcement video for the update.


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