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Do I…actually want to play Civilization multiplayer?

I’ve never played multiplayer in any Civilization game, and I’ve never particularly wanted to. And that’s not too uncommon, multiplayer for the game is very different from singleplayer, so much that it almost feels like a different game. Continue reading

The Civilizations I Want to Play First in Civ VI: Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm, the latest expansion to Civilization 6, is out today, and in addition to the new features, I’m looking also forward to the new civs that I get to play. All nine (or I suppose eight and a half, as I’ll get into later) have something that makes them worth trying out, but there are some I want to play first. Now, keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily the best new civilizations, they’re just the one’s I want to give a try before others. I’ll get a review of Gathering Storm out as soon as I can, and you can certainly guess who I’ll be playing first to write that review. Continue reading