Merch Spotlight: Grimoire Anthology

In a move which has taken far too long in my view, Bungie have finally announced a physical anthology of the Grimoire entries found throughout the games.

The Grimoire are a series of story “logs” unlocked within Destiny to shed additional light on the fascinating universe of the Guardians.


Pleeeeeease let the cover feel aged and genuine…

Many fans, myself included, were disappointed to find that all the Grimoire entries in the first title weren’t accessible in the game, so this new release is long-overdue but very exciting indeed! The story behind Destiny left many feeling underwhelmed, owed to the lack of depth expected of the masterminds behind Halo, but the Grimoire entries were rich, full of detail and certainly worth a read if you enjoy the universe.

Pre-orders are available here for $24.99 or you can find the first volume in bookstores when it launches this Fall.

Leveling my cannon at the dead man’s helm, I paid one final tribute to my mentor, my savior, my father and my friend…

“Yours… Not mine.”

…as I closed my grip, allowing Jaren’s cannon, now my own, to have the last, loud word.

–  Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 4

Do you have a favourite Grimoire entry? Let me know!



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