Gamer worried he might get re-addicted to shelved classic

After deciding to take a look at his top played games on Steam, gamer Peacea77 found one he hadn’t played in over half a decade on the list. Not only that, but it had been completely deleted from his computer. “I’d forgotten it existed, honestly,” said Peacea. “But there it is, number five, right under all the ones I play regularly. I haven’t touched it in six years, but it’s not getting surpassed.”

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Gamers Outraged Over Pricy Microtransaction Scheme /s

For years, gamers have dealt with microtransactions in their favorite games – from MMOs to mobile, and more recently in triple-A titles, we’ve seen additional in-game content made to generate long term profit. Some studios and publishers have made sure not to break the first rule of selling content and have limited their offerings to cosmetics and rewards that don’t grant power to players. As such, this is normally not an issue since these purchases are entirely optional and don’t provide advantages in online play, or roadblocks to story progression.

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