Crusader Kings III Announced

Paradox Interactive today announced Crusader Kings III, a sequel to 2012’s grand strategy Crusader Kings II. In addition, CK2 recently went free to play and keep, and features the “Monarch’s Journey”, which offers new ways of learning the game, as well as chances to free earn cosmetic add-ons for CK3.

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The Fun of Playing Through Failure

This may be my first article for Novus, but if you know me from RUL, there’s probably something you know about me: I absolutely love historical strategy games. The Civilization series is the big one, but I’m also partial to the games produced by Paradox Interactive, like Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings II, and Stellaris. Okay, that last one’s not really historical per se, but whatever. Thing is…I’m not super great at some of them. Continue reading “The Fun of Playing Through Failure”