Destiny 2 gets cross-save, goes free-to-play

Earlier this year, Destiny developer Bungie became a fully independent company, self-publishing its own titles. One of the biggest way they’re doing this is by trying to move Destiny 2 down a more MMO/RPG path. This is a connotation they’ve shied away from in before now, preferring to call the series ‘action’ games. In turning the game into an MMO, or ‘action MMO’ as they’re now referring to it, they’re making some pretty major changes to the game.

  • Play anywhere and cross save, letting you play your game on numerous devices including Xbox One, PS4, and PC
  • Exclusive content is being removed
  • The base title is going free-to-play, as is year one content
  • “Seasons” will be premium content, and will each be completely separate from each other
  • New Light, which is also free, will allow people with different content or who are less far along than friends to play together
  • Destiny on PC will be moving to Steam, and the upcoming expansion will be Steam exclusive
  • In addition to Steam, PC players will be able to use Google’s Stadia, a cloud platform which allows gamers to play titles they own on other platforms using Chrome

It also seems a bit like Bungie 2 is going more down the MMO path by releasing no or few future titles, and rather expanding the current game. While this was never outright stated, game director Luke Smith a number of times mentioned seasons eight and nine for the game. Whether the game will actually get this many expansions or he was just throwing numbers out remains to be seen, but even with bi-annual releases, nine seasons means could be seeing four or five more years of a game that’s already approaching two years old. Finally, the first DLC of the ‘new’ Destiny 2, Shadowkeep, will return Guardians to the moon and Eris Morn to once again battle the Hive.

What do you think of the changes coming to Destiny 2? Will this get you playing again if you’ve put the game down? Be sure to let us know!


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