Welcome to Novus Gaming!

As I sit down to write what should be a relatively simple blog post, I find myself struggling to work out what to say after years of writing content without a second thought.

As it happens, I like a challenge, and it’s time to embark upon a brand new one.

Welcome to Novus! This humble gaming blog represents a new chapter in my life, one of self-motivated excitement and a step into the unknown. I’m no stranger to writing about video games, but opening my own personal cubbyhole on the Internet and building it from nothing is a venture that has me itching to get going but also wary of the road ahead.

If you already know me then you’ll be familiar with what to expect from this blog – a (hopefully) well balanced diet of gaming content with a personal touch. For any newcomers, I’ll be sharing my opinions on current affairs on the gaming scene, spotlighting weird and wonderful titles and merch, reviewing the hottest new games and sharing my experiences at events and conventions.

I hope you’ll all join me for this new adventure and enjoy yourselves along the way. Please do leave me any feedback you may have, whether it be design, preferences or content suggestions – I’m writing for you guys so I’d rather produce content you care about!


– Ty


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