Outrage over Call of Duty Killstreak /s

Outrage exploded on twitter recently after a series of announcements and leaks about a new killstreak in the popular upcoming revival of Activision title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, developed by Infinity Ward. The title has already been the target of some criticism over their choice to include some graphic depictions of powerful moral dilemmas during wartime activities, but things have escalated. While many are split on the choices for their single-player content, the real outrage is coming from their killstreak reward system in the multiplayer portion of gameplay.

Killstreak rewards are in-game perks earned by killing a predetermined number of other players without dying yourself. In the original incarnation of the title, these were uncontroversial rewards like a supply drop, a UAV to spot other players on the map, and even a small and painless tactical nuclear device that would end the game entirely as a victory for the player who used it. Recently, however, leaked documents have shown that they are including an egregious and criminal new killstreak as a reward for killing fellow players. If you successfully kill 5 of your fellow players without dying, you are rewarded with a targeted airdrop of Lego Bricks.

For those who may not know, Lego Bricks have been a controversial weapon deployed by small children and military units across many battlegrounds. The small plastic bricks are perfectly shaped to do extreme damage to the foot that strikes them. Their explicit design to do maximum harm has caused many world leaders, human rights groups, and parents of toddlers to condemn their use. It seems that subjecting your opponents to something so inhuman is causing quite the stir in the Twitterverse, with one user tweeting;

“Whoever thought this was a good idea clearly never experienced the horrors of a spilled lego container”


And another,

“Legos rnt used in war anymore. This is sickening to make people watch someone step on legos. #LegosAreAWarcrime #NoBricksInBattle”


While the critics are arguing against the inclusion of this outdated and inarguably brutal weapon, some still show support for the inclusion of this level of extreme warfare;

“Its just a game its not like they take their boots too”


“legos aren’t so bad they could have included exploding vape pens and they didn’t”


Geoff Smith, Multiplayer Design Director with Infinity Ward, was quoted responding to the criticism of some of the new multiplayer choices “Our game is more about two sides, that there is no good guy or bad guy, you play either one. We’re just creating this playground to play on.”

Yes, you are building this playground, one horrific LEGO Brick at a time.


Are you hyped for the new Call of Duty?
What’s your take on the inclusion of this new killstreak?






One thought on “Outrage over Call of Duty Killstreak /s

  1. Nah, the last game in the series I played was CoD 2 and that’s it, I don’t think I’ll ever come back. The reason number one: I’m so much tired of playing as an American GI/Ranger/Delta operative/Blackops assassin unless it’s a game set in the Vietnam war.
    The whole twitter farce was hilarious, tho.

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