Welcome to Novus Gaming!

As I sit down to write what should be a relatively simple blog post, I find myself struggling to work out what to say after years of writing content without a second thought.

As it happens, I like a challenge, and it’s time to embark upon a brand new one. Continue reading “Welcome to Novus Gaming!”

The Power of Atmosphere

Whilst my internet was recently out for a week I did a number of things I don’t normally do: rip out & replant a whole garden, socialise outdoors with friends, and revisit countless games I thought I’d played to death. You’ll be pleased to know I’m going to be talking about the latter.

Atmosphere is the most powerful element of any story-driven game, but also the most commonly overlooked. In a world where changing game mechanics and drama over design philosophies hogs the limelight, we seem to be missing the “soul” that brings life to so many outstanding titles. Continue reading “The Power of Atmosphere”